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Identity theft is an increasingly common problem. According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 17 million people are victims of identity theft in the United States each year. If you are dealing with the consequences of someone stealing your identity and personal information, contact Mallon Consumer Law Group, PLLC to speak with an identity theft protection attorney in NYC.

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Discovering Identity Theft

Often, people are not aware that their personal information has been compromised until they are denied a loan or find a problem on their credit reports. Identity thieves use a variety of methods to gain access to an individual’s credit. When the thieves default on the debts they incurred, the creditor comes after the person whose name and social security was used to open the account.

Identity thieves use several tactics to gain access to personal information, such as:

  • Skimming information at ATMs
  • Stealing mail to gain access to credit cards and bank accounts
  • Data breaches caused by hacking financial institutions and companies
  • Using remote technology to hack into your computer and gain access to information

Inaccurate information due to identity theft can significantly lower your credit score. This can have many negative consequences, such as being denied home mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards, as well as limiting possible opportunities in employment and housing. Your creditworthiness can suffer lasting damage and you may be harassed by creditors.

Legal Protections for Identity Theft Victims in New York

New York state law and federal law offers protections for victims of identity theft. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides remedies for individuals harmed by inaccurate information on a credit report due to identity theft. Let our identity protection lawyer explain the consumer protections that are available to you and help you restore your credit.

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